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Bas Penris b.penris at ettyhillesumlyceum.nl
Wed Sep 19 07:44:52 UTC 2012

Looks great. Very readable and nice articles. Thanks :)

>>> Gert <gert at gwcheck.com> 17-09-12 18:23 >>>
I dare to share the where or there of the whereabouts of the GWCheck.com
website. It has been off for a number of weeks. Now it is live. As it is
redirecting to the new GWCheck.com > GWCheck.org.

Dare to share the news, and start GWChecking as usual. The menu is not
finished, it is a work in progress, yet it is time to show the site to the
community and move on, move over, from NetWare to SLES, from Windows to
Linux, from the admin with a red flag on this wall, to a admin with a new
source for his GroupWise news, tools, TID's, links, comments, con and pro
yet with positive criticism, and I ask you all to share the ideas you have
on improving GWCheck.com > GWCheck.org.

WC 2 my world, wc 2 the GW community by GWCheck > Gert


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