[ngw] Consulting needed - Migration from GroupWise

Tom Miller tmiller at hnncsb.org
Wed Sep 19 12:28:24 UTC 2012

I did a fairly large migration a number of years back from GW to Exchange 2000 for a past job.
I can send you my migration docs and procedures, which may be of help.  We found the conversion wasn't the hard part.  Rather, it was coordinating, scheduling, training, etc.  It is important to provide users a FAQs document and on-site assistance during the migration.  
My former boss recently took a job at an Exchange shop.  He has spent many hours with e-mail issues.  He commented to me the other day that he never saw me spend much time on GroupWise and Exchange is now taking almost all of his time.  So get yourself all trained and ready - you'll learn alot from a migration.  I certainly did.

>>> "Jeffrey Sessler" <Jeff at ScrippsCollege.edu> 9/18/2012 2:06 PM >>>
Hey all,

The decision has been made to migrate away from GroupWise and I'm looking for a consultant who has experience with migrations to Office365 and Google Apps. It's likely we will move everyone to Office365, but we're exploring a hybrid model as well i.e. staff/faculty on Office365, students on Google Apps.

Please contact me off list. If you have a portfolio of recent work, send that too.



Jeffrey D Sessler
Information Technology
Scripps College

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