[ngw] force internal disclaimer?

Daniel Forsythe dforsythe at acog.org
Wed Sep 19 13:14:09 UTC 2012

We've also noticed some ... Strange behavior when using IMAP and global signatures in that if there are embedded images in the message, they will sometimes come through corrupted if there are embedded images in the signature as well.
This doesn't happen with Groupwise or MAPI generated messages however, and ymmv on this issue...
Note 2 and 3 as Hon says should definitely be taken into consideration, and by all means don't add something like you'll see on the bottom of my mail! (or let your communications/legal departments think that it's a good idea)

- Dan

On Sep 18, 2012, at 4:52, "Thieu Hon TRAN <k-ngwlist at thtran.de>" <k-ngwlist at thtran.de> wrote:

> We use the global signature feature to add a signature to all outbound 
> emails. There's an option to apply the global signature to "external 
> messages only" or to "all messages".
> I just tested: Selecting "apply to all messages", then restarting my 
> Groupwise-client, then sending an email to myself worked. The global 
> signature is automaticall appended.
> Note: You must enter some text into the body of the test-mail, or else 
> the global signature will not be appended.
> Note2: Global signatures stink! Especially when you activate them 
> internally. The global sig is appended to EVERY email, even when it has 
> already been appended. So if you reply to a colleagues mail, he will 
> reveive a mail with 2 global signatures, when he replies again, there 
> will be 3 global signatures, etc ...
> Note3: I repeat: Global signatures stink! Editing global signatures in 
> Console1 is extremely awkward. Sometimes the content of global 
> signatures just disappears after editing them. The editor implemented in 
> Console1 is just no good.
>    Hon.
> Todd Bowman:
>> GW 12.  I have a request from the compliance officer to force our email disclaimer footer on to all messages, including internal.  I don't think there is a way to do that without a 3rd party tool, is there?   Any good workarounds or hacks to make it work?  One of the outbound mail hops currently adds it for internet mail.
>> thanks,
>> Todd Bowman
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