[ngw] Top Down Rebuild Question

Gert gert at gwcheck.com
Fri Sep 21 16:20:32 UTC 2012

I prefer the rebuild to a file or location that does NOT have a file there.
I make a subfolder "_" under the PO dir, hence it is on top, as in ...

\PO\<other GW dirs>

and type that when starting the rebuild, just adding  "\_" behind the PO
path that C1 already shows.

IMO the rebuild is clean, faster, no checking of existing data, and it is a
minimum of downtime, you can rebuild while keeping the DOM up, if you want
you block admin msgs before starting the rebuild.



On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 4:42 PM, JOSHUA PITLICK <JOSHUA.PITLICK at eeoc.gov>wrote:

> Can someone settle something more me?  Is there a functional difference
> between rebuilding a domain to a directory with an existing wpdomain.db
> file and a location that does not have that file?  Is the only difference
> what you see when the rebuild occurs?
> My understanding is, that when the file already exists in the rebuild
> location that you see "Adding records to domain database".  Whereas if the
> file does not exist, you do not see this recording counting.  Of course as
> I write this, I am getting the former on rebuilds with and without the
> file, but I know I have seen the different behavior in the past.  Did the
> behavior change in 2012?
> I would appreciate any explanation that anyone can give me.  Thanks.
> Joshua Pitlick
> Senior Network Engineer
> Office of Information Technology
> U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
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