[ngw] GW 8 and two people logged into same account

Neil Carson carsonn at psac-afpc.com
Fri Sep 21 17:41:58 UTC 2012

We GW 8 SP2 on Netware.
We have a user who is in transition to another department. (meaning she is still helping out in the old dept for 2-4 weeks) (I ill call this user olduser).
There is a replacement for this person(olduser) working in the old dept. and they both are logging into the same mailbox (I will call the replacement newuser). Newuser also has his own mailbox and sometimes proxies to olduser and sometimes (often) logins directly into olduser mailbox.
Are there any problems with two people logging into the same mailbox at the same time ?
The reason I ask is that it 'appears' olduser scheduled/sent an appointment to several users ...BUT...the issue is that the email says it is From one of the people who the appointment was sent to ! But the catch here is the body of the msg contains text and signature of 'olduser'. (basically text stating the video conf. has been rescheduled.)
I went to see the user (who thinks there mailbox has been compromised) (who it appears sent the email/appointment) and yes there is an item in her sent items saying From her (it is not a reply) but the body is the text of 'olduser' and signature.
I hope I explained the situation clearly.
I am assuming or trusting the user who thinks their mailbox was compromised did not send it and that they mailbox was not compromised. I am more suspecting something (maybe) along the lines of appointment or calendar corruption etc and I plan to run gwchecks on the mailboxes in question.
Any comments appreciated.
Thank you

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