[ngw] OT: iChain versions

Matt Weisberg matt at weisberg.net
Fri Sep 28 04:07:52 UTC 2012

I think those customers are pretty much SOL.  iChain was end of life a long long time ago now.  They need to move to Access Manager or another comparable product.

Novell took an extremely long time to completely move off iChain for all its sites, but I believe that was completed earlier this year.

Anyone using iChain should really get off it.  Access Manager 3.2 has a single-box install now too, so even those smaller customers that were resisting Access Manager because of that should be able to make the move now finally.


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>>> On 9/27/2012 at 7:51 PM, in message
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Shelley <daniel at ghostpattern.com> wrote:
> I'm sorry this is a bit off topic. But is there anyone on the list
> that is running iChain 2.3.419 or later? Can you tell me what service
> pack that coincides with? Is it sp6?
> I'm seeing sites that are running iChain 2.3.416 and earlier to
> accelerate their GroupWise WebAccess server. Unfortunately these older
> versions of iChain (at least 2.3.345 to 2.3.416) can not do TLS 1.2
> and do not fail back to older versions of TLS properly. This makes
> them not able to handle iOS 5 - no Safari or apps for you!
> I'm wondering if iChain 2.3 sp6 fixes the problem? Or is there just no
> hope and anyone using iChain is in trouble?
> I'm tracking half a dozen different GroupWise installs that are using
> these broken versions of iChain. It looks like Novell just moved off
> iChain 2.3.419 for their public facing websites this summer?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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