[ngw] List Distribution Lists for all users.

Thomas Justice Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us
Fri Sep 28 16:08:17 UTC 2012

Anyone know of an easy way to list the distribution lists that each user belongs to?
(as opposed to listing the members of a DL list)

As part of a email archiving solution, we will archive using Distribution list membership.

I want to list all our users to ensure they belong to one of the DL lists that will be used for archiving without having to list all the DL's and attempting to cross reference them w/ the user lists.

I already yanked our API gateway out years ago, not anxious to put it back for this.

I was hoping to use WSTools DSReport, but I don't think the DL list is exposed to eDIR, and therefore not visible w/ that tool.

Tom Justice (Thomas.Justice at DOC.state.nj.us)
OIT Network Services (Email Admin)
609-292-4036 x 5350

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