[ngw] Purging all users in each PO to last 2 years of email

Matt Ray mray at groupwiseguru.com
Fri Aug 2 18:02:38 UTC 2013

There's also a throttling mechanism, easily found in the POA configuration section of the HTTP Agent.   Here's the help screen from that page:

Mass Purge Operation Control
If a user empties a very large number of items from his or her mailbox, the POA can become very busy purging the items, rather than responding to other user requests in a timely manner. Similarly, when many users first log in to GroupWise at about the same time, each client automatically starts an Auto-Archive task (which includes purge operations), and this can also make the POA very busy until the purge operations are completed.

To prevent users' client response time from degrading during large or numerous purge operations, you can configure the POA to pass some purge operations to background threads. This leaves the POA's normal client/server threads available for responding to users' ongoing requests.

Purge Items Threshold
Select the maximum number of items that the POA immediately purges from a mailbox by using an active client/server thread. The default number of items to immediately purge is less than 10. Valid values range from 5 to 50.

Max Concurrent Threads Limit
Select the maximum number of background threads that the POA can start for purging batches of items that exceed the Mass Purge Items Threshold setting. The default number of background threads for purging items is 3. Valid values range from 1 to 8.

Hope that helps as well. 


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>>> "Tommy Mikkelsen" <tm at orstrand.dk> 8/2/2013 10:24 AM >>>

THe StandAlone GWCheck is Single Threaded, and as such slower, compared to the serverbased one, but!!!!!!!!! 

Purging will have a HUGE impact on preformance on your PO, so I suggest, that you as the last thing before leaving for home, start it on a local wkstn, cuz that way you can abort/kill it again next morning.....and then repeate the task until it's completed 


>>> On 8/2/2013 at 07:06 PM, in message <51FBAEF3.68E5.00F1.0 at owens.edu>, "Dean Niederkohr" <dean_niederkohr at owens.edu> wrote:

Last question.  Should I run it on the Post Office object or select: Users/Resources, then type "ALL"?  Or, is there no difference?


>>> "Dean Niederkohr" <dean_niederkohr at owens.edu> 8/2/2013 10:05 AM >>>
I'm getting ready to purge all users in each PO to the last 2 years (730 days) of email messages.  My question is this.  Do I run maintenance using C1 and select the PO, then Expire/Reduce Messages (older than 730 days) or should I use the standalone C1 on each PO?  Does it matter?  Is there a risk of 1 versus the other?


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