[ngw] Integrating zenworks mdm with DataSync

Jonathan Paul jpaul at stfrancis.edu
Fri Aug 2 23:28:07 UTC 2013

I am trying to figure out the easiest way to integrate zenworks with DataSync.  Both pieces are up and running, but I want to have all my datasync users go through the mdm server instead of directly to the data sync server for email and calendar.  When I install the zmm app, it automatically adds a 2nd email account through the zmm sever and that works.  Instead of this happening, is it possible to have it not automatically add the email account and I just go in and change the url on the existing mail config ?  If that is not possible, what about modifying the default config when the email account gets added (for example not have it sync contacts when its added) ?    


Network Support Services
University of St.Francis

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