[ngw] Purging all users in each PO to last 2 years of email

Hamish Speirs hamish at haitch.net
Sat Aug 3 04:52:13 UTC 2013

Also be aware that if you have a lot of old mail the expire/reduce can take a VERY long time. I ran one at a customer site to take it back to 180 days after implementing an archiving solution. There were users that had every email they'd sent or received for the last 12 years. The expire/reduce on one PO took over 21 DAYS. Also, when a user is being processed their account can be pretty much unusable if they have a large amount of mail.

One user who received automated messages from a DB server, that were automatically filed to a subfolder, took over two days to process. He had over 250,000 emails in one folder - none of which had ever been read. 

I ended up setting that PO up to process one user at a time ( after it had been running against the PO for 10 days) - using the standalone gwcheck. Jobs would kick off at 5pm, at 7am the running job was killed. 

>>> "Tommy Mikkelsen"  08/02/13 3:20 PM >>>

Regardless....Be VERY carefull here.... 

If it's causing problems, you'll have to take down your POA, and manually clear the job. 

I STILL recommend a local job, for a huge thing as this.....after all, the settings referred to is for daily use, not for a "purge attack" 


>>> On 8/2/2013 at 10:01 PM, in message <51FBD7CA0200008500064AC8 at oes2-vm2>, "Joe Acquisto-j4"  wrote:


But I see it now, I think.  I was being too literal in the wording and too casual in the eyeballing.

"Mass Purge Items Threshold: "
"Mass Purge Concurrent Threads Limit: "


joe a.

>>> "Matt Ray"  08/02/13 3:52 PM >>>
what version of groupwise?  i'm looking at an 802 server right now.  

>>> "Joe Acquisto-j4"  8/2/2013 12:45 PM >>>
I don't see this item
Purge Items Threshold
Select the maximum number of items that the POA immediately purges from a mailbox by using an active client/server thread. The default number of items to immediately purge is less than 10. Valid values range from 5 to 50.

Help page tells of it, but can't find it.  On that page.

joe a.

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