[ngw] GroupWise 2012 on Windows 2008R2 Slow

Keith Larson klarson at k12group.net
Wed Aug 14 16:01:35 UTC 2013

Disk i/o performance is a key element here.  I virtualized a rather big GroupWise installation and we were having performance issues.  We were using existing hardware with 7200rpm SATA drives.  I objected, but didn't have much choice.  The performance sucked and we put the migration on hold.  I told them if you want to guarantee that GroupWise will perform well, buy 15k SAS drives (local drives, no san available).  We did that and everything has been flawless ever since.  I consolidated 20+ domain/postoffice onto 4, each running on it's own vm and not more than 2 (groupwise) vm's running on the same host.  There have been no issues at all.  There are a few other vm's running in the mix, but not a lot because GroupWise performance was key to keeping this customer a Novell customer.

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>>> "Bruce Perrin" <Bruce.Perrin at lbb.state.tx.us> 8/14/2013 11:53 AM >>>
You know, this is a conversation that keeps coming up. There was a thread on this earlier this year.  GroupWise just does not seem to be as fast on Windows. 

We moved from Netware to Windows with GW7 and immediately saw a performance hit, not too bad, but noticeable. GW 8 was no better, but no worse either. GW2012 however, seems particularly slow on Windows.. 

I have since moved my PO's to SLES, and have seen some performance gain but nothing to right home about. Still having clients go "not responding"- just not as much. 

Checking all of the usual stuff like threads, vm load, host load, etc shows nothing overly taxing happening on the POAs or the servers.

I am not convinced it is server side actually. I have a GW8 client sitting on one of my PO's that never seems to do the "not responding" thing. We really did not see a whole lot of this until we upgraded to 2012.

Don't have any answers, just some frustration....


"Paul Lamontagne" <plamontagne at novell.com> 8/14/2013 10:30 AM >>>
How about the ESX Host ?? how many vms running, how many CPU cores total and how many allocated??? How much RAM left,,,I see a lot of times people just push the Host to far and it impacts the guest OS and the Guest gets the blame when it's a Host issue...


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>>> "Mark BARHAM" <mbarham at williamsburgva.gov> 8/13/2013 3:29 PM >>>
We currently run a single Groupwise 2012 Post Office/Primary domain on a single Windows Server 2008R2 (VMWare).  Windows is fully patched and GroupWise is patched to SP1.  Secondary domain/GWIA/Webaccess run on a separate Windows 2008R2 server.  Post office is approximately 275 users and is about 250GB in size.  Users are a mix of GW* and 2012 and all connect via Client/Server.

This setup has been in place for several years and has worked well until a few months ago.  Now, everything is just very slow at random times of the day and routinely ends up in a "Not Responding" mode on the clients.  Kill it, log back in to GroupWise and all is well.  There is no client side firewalls or any internal filtering between client and server and DEP is turned off at the server.  Can anyone provide any direction and/or guidance as to where I can look to next to resolve this?  Thanks

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