[ngw] Mobility - Android HTML Support

Alan Rowe Alan at torahaura.com
Mon Aug 26 19:32:52 UTC 2013

Spent lots of time with support on this. When my phone got updated to Version 4.1 emails rendered 60% or so of the time. 
This is their message to me
Our developers have found that this is a device issue with active sync 2.5. This wont work properly until Datasync Mobility 2.0 is released that will have a newer version of active sync 12.x

>>> "Tim Jackson" <tjackson at baltimorecountymd.gov> 8/26/2013 >>>
I know that HTML email on iOS has been supported, but I haven't seen anything since then regarding Android devices. I get mixed results viewing HTML on them. Is it still not supported? I'm on the latest build.


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