[ngw] archive missing after users moves

Tue Sep 10 12:17:29 UTC 2013

Another thought, if the FIDs did not change, is are the archive locations on each PO locked down to different paths?  That would be worth looking at.

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>>> "Thomas Justice" <Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us> 9/10/2013 8:14 AM >>>
Knee jerk thought is FID re-alignment, When the user is moved, the fid already exists in the target PO, so it get's a new FID.  The users can check this themselves by comparing the archive directory 3 characters to the FID reported by their client (Help About GroupWise)  The FID will be in parentheses after their user ID.

The other thought is a non-standard archive location that get's reset w/ the move, so the client can't "find" their archive.

I suspect most users didn't check their archives, and when one found a problem, the rest started checking.  
That's how a call flood can sometimes occur.  Nobody was looking for the problem till they heard others had the issue, so then they start checking their own setup.

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> HI All,
> Gw2012sp2, we are moving users from one PO (system system) to another .. 
> quite a lot of users (at the end about 5800 users) .. we have moved about 
> 4000 ot them already ... with out to much of an issue .. BUT what we are 
> starting to see these last couple of days getting more and more call on  
> this, is that users are complaining that their local arhives are 
> missing...... can the moves be responsible for this? ... if it is somewhitng 
> to do with the fid how can one prevent this ..... and why starting with 
> issues only now?..
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