[ngw] Name Completion

Thomas Justice Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us
Wed Sep 11 18:26:34 UTC 2013

Never noticed that, but it seems to make sense...  A lot of settings only take effect after a bounce of the client.

>>> On 9/11/2013 at 2:17 PM, in message <52307B7E02000013000EFA7B at mail.msktd.com>,
"Kenneth Etter" <kle at msktd.com> wrote:
> I've always just lived with this one, but had someone ask me about it today, 
> so thought I would see how everyone else deals with it.  The problem is that 
> after you enter a new contact, that contact will not show up using Name 
> Completion when creating an email unless you first exit and restart 
> GroupWise.  Am I missing a setting or is this just WAD and Novell should 
> change it?
> Ken

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