[ngw] Antw: ZCM and GW2012 and W8

Werner Seifert Werner.Seifert at jku.at
Fri Sep 13 08:09:03 UTC 2013

Follow the Documentation
 Section 15.0, Using ZENworks Configuration Management to Distribute the
GroupWise Windows Client
 and you will be happy ...

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>>> "Thys de Beer" <thys at nwpg.gov.za> 13.09.2013 08:28 >>>
HI All,

Please help seems i am missing something and even google cant help me
.... done the rollout from zcm11sp , for gw2012sp2 following the
demovideos on youtube from Novell (cool jsut which they update it...that
one is for jan 2012..)...it works great on winXP and Win7 .. BUt on a
clean install for win8, it seems somehitng is missing ,,when i push this
down over already installed gw on w8 .. it is fine .. just the clean
install a no go ... with this demo one utilize the .fil file with the
install.bat .. this bat file issuppose to check for all dependencies etc
etc ... but no ..even if i run that install.bat by had fom the copied
fodler...it bombs out with error... downloading the normal client, run
the setup.exe it goes fine?..... seesm somehtig missing in the .fil
compressed file for W8?..

Kind Regards,

Thys de Beer 									

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