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David.   Just to clarify...   All the admin stuff you are referring to will not be via SOAP protocol,  but thru a REST interface to the new admin service.  But yes,  the things you want to do below will be possible.   The new admin console uses said REST calls to communicate to the admin service.  So you can do almost everything via the REST API that you can do with the console.
PS.   Gert,  Hope all is well and wishing you the best in the future...

>>> "David Gerisch" <DGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us> wrote:
You will be missed Gert.  Your posts were always entertaining, and often quite helpful.

As far as Windermere utilities go, I am very much looking forward to being able to updates to GroupWise via SOAP calls.  As I understand it, everything that we can do in ConsoleOne has to be implemented in the new admin console, and for the admin console to talk to the agents, the agents have to support all these functions via SOAP.  This opens up a world of possibilities.  Distribution list maintenance via Perl, for example.  An integration with Novell Identity Manager that is tighter.  Export (and probably import) of GWIA access control lists.  If it is an object in GroupWise, I expect that we will at the minimum be able to list it for documentation purposes.

Maybe we won't have direct access to the SOAP calls; maybe we will have to use CURL to push and pull on the admin console itself - but at least that should be do-able, where pushing and pulling on ConsoleOne is ... not pretty.

Best of luck to you Gert, as you proceed from here.

David Gerisch

>>> Gert <gwcheck at gmail.com> 2013-09-21 09:26 >>>

This is a welcome
And good bye.

About the past

1963 my parents made love
1964 was born two days after the 4th of july
		 I love my parents for doing that
1970 moved to Zwolle
1976 started music lessons with mr Harjono
		 developped a ever growing interest in music notation, writing,
jazz chords, progressions, and music as its topic
1981 started my 1st band with friends at school
1985 got my first lady as in a guitar in the shape of a woman, the Ibanez
FG 100, still my fav of four guitars
1987 played at the Grote prijs, a national contest
		 first job with DOS based PCs in a local hospital
1989 switched to a local university
		 drank more coffee than water
		 devlopped administrater sense of humor
1993 switched to a regional school
		 designed the network login and access for all students and
teachers, based on BOB 2, used by the NS
1998 switched to Capgemini, got a company car, grew to be fat
		 first touched GroupWise
2002 started GWCheck.com
		 had too many bookmarks so organized them into a site
2006 got parkinson
2007 5 years of the site, met a guy named Erno, started the Cigarillo
		 VP open horizons
		 GW Summit launched GW 7 from the Netherlands, with OH  and Advisor
2008 met my to be wife
2009 she moved in
2010 lost my job, live on social welfare, which is quite well never
regretted that step
		 went to my visit my wife to be's home country Cameroon, met sooo
many relatives, entered a new world
2012 married, yep the same woman
2013 we moved to amsterdam, started the Sluitertijd project
		 got hospitalized for over using ldopa
		 partly for over spending my budget
		 partly for not getting the right rhythm at home to deal with
stress, ldopa and the marriage
		 for the first time lost weight, from 99 kilos to 88 now, in a
month time

Reconsidered my options, for a healthy (as can be) future, with my wife,
family, and all stuff that matters
Which are life, love, music, treatment, openness, emotions, rest instead of
restless, peace of mind instead of going blind
And more like that

BTW this note is written from the VUmc, where I am treated.


About the current times

GroupWise 8 and earlier
My test systems always run on NetWare 5.1, in a VMWare workstation.
My fav version is 6.5,  cause of the client view and the first step to

GroupWise 2012
Redesigned client, good view, new look, WebAccess at its best.

GroupWise Windermere
Thoughts ...
What do you people see as the future of GroupWise Windermere as in
adittional utilities ?
Just saw a note on export to .csv from the admin console.
What I missed so far is list util to list all items searchable, first from
within NDS eDir only, thus listing only NDS records with GW attributes, second
from a GW database, where it is possible to connect to any dom, otim r c,
and from that dom list the GW objects.

What do you see for Windermere concerning utils only ? What disappears from
the command line into the admin console ? Why is called admin console and
not  Root master or Devil in disguise ahum ...


Previous known as GWCheck owner and one of the community members looking or
the community approach to every GW issue,  whether for business, end use,
system design or  management. Not profiting but watching the World of
Groupwise. As of now. The website is going down in the next few weeks. A
new flame will come.
Windermere makes me nervous now that it runs on 64 bits hardware. I dont
see the need for 64 bit agents only. Oh well, we'll say, and order chinese
at home, just to forget these troubles.

On Friday, September 20, 2013, Danita Zanre wrote:

> Hello!
> I hope you are doing well.  September is over half complete, and we are
> happy and healthy here at the Zanre house.  I want to thank all of you who
> reached out to me during the recent Colorado floods.  Our location got a
> lot of rain, but thankfully we were not in the path of the floods, and
> suffered no personal losses.  I wish I could say the same for all of our
> friends and family here in Colorado.  It has been a difficult week here on
> the Colorado Front Range.
> Some of you have asked how you can help.  Navitie House Foundation is
> accepting donations for Colorado Flood Relief, and we are working with the
> foundation to assist all we can.  You can donate directly to Navitie House
> Foundation by clicking here <http://bit.ly/18HIbpU>.
> We are also donating 5% of the proceeds at the Caledonia store at
> http://postie.caledonia.net/store to the Colorado Flood Relief fund.  As
> an extra incentive, we've created a special coupon code - colorado5 - that
> will give you a 5% discount on any purchases through Caledonia from now
> until December 31, 2013.
> And of course, there will be some new Caledonia products coming out in the
> next few months.  GroupWise "Windermere" still has a planned ship date of
> late 2013, and we should see the GroupWise Mobility Server (formerly
> DataSynchronizer) version 2.0 in the next month or so!  We'll keep you up
> to date.
> As always, thank you for your support of Caledonia.  We appreciate your
> thoughts and concerns as well during this time of need in Colorado.
> Danita
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