[ngw] 'moving' from GW8/NetWare to GW12/Linux

Michael Statman Mike at EMESConsulting.Net
Mon Feb 3 19:43:14 UTC 2014

I have a customer who's been stuck on GW8/NetWare because of an NLM fax
gateway  that is still in production.  We want to get moved to GroupWise
12, but since we still need to use the gateway it precludes a standard
migration.  (There's a replacement in the pipeline, but requires some
hardware changes and telco updates and it's just not happening anytime

The existing system has a primary domain with a single post office, as
well as the fax gateway in this domain, on the NetWare server.  (There
also exists a secondary domain on Linux with GWIA and WebAccess). 

What if...  we create a new GW8 domain on Linux and a new post office,
move each mailbox to the new post office, then promote the new domain to
be primary, then upgrade it to GW12?  About 120 users, mailboxes are
'relatively' small due to quotas and auto-archiving.  We know we'd lose
single instance storage of attachments with this approach. 

Documentation claims that "When you move a user’s account from one
GroupWise 6.x or later post office to another, all items are moved
correctly and all associations (proxy rights, shared folder access, and
so forth) are resolved so that the move is transparent to the user." 
That sounds encouraging. 

But it further states:   "A user who owns a resource cannot be moved.
If the user owns a resource, reassign ownership of the resource to
another user who is on the same post office as the resource."  -- so
then presumably resources cannot be moved at all and will need to be
recreated in the new post office ?   

What about FIDs and access to existing archives, is that preserved with
a mailbox move to another post office? 

Thanks for your comments and suggestions... 


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