[ngw] 'moving' from GW8/NetWare to GW12/Linux

Tommy Mikkelsen tm at orstrand.dk
Mon Feb 3 21:47:15 UTC 2014

You know Merphy.....With 120 accounts, the only one that goes bad, is
the one belonging to the CEO :-) 

But you also have another approach, that's a lot faster, and safer,

Install an OES11 box, and create an NSS volume on it. 

Install GW 12 software, and configure one dummy PO on the NSS volume,
as well as one domain, that's going to be your new Primary 

Then simply copy over the PO structure from Netware to OES11, and
change your ngwnameserver dns entry to point to OES11. 

That way, if it goes wrong, shut down the POA on OES11, and power back
up POA on Netware..... 

Only configuration needed additionally, is the link between the domain
and the PO 

And since running the new PO on NSS, you don't even have to use dbcopy,
worry about cases within the PO structure, or be faced with the draining
of power on your POA's during moves, nor will have any probs. with proxy
setup, emptied trash or anything.... 

It'll simply be a peace of cake, with a full backup plan, and the route
I would take.... 

Then later on in the future, when you can kill the FAX gateway, move
the domain as well... 

And if killing the FAX gateway is not an option, then install a new GW8
domain on netware, and a new FAX gateway below that. 

>>> On 2/3/2014 at 10:34 PM, in message
<52EFC51D020000200000D6DF at server4.thedomaincompany.com>, "Michael
Statman" <Mike at EMESConsulting.Net> wrote:

Ah yes, that, um, small chance that something might go wrong...  But
do have good backups of the po (twice daily).  And yes I already saw
that document, thanks Tommy.

>>> "Tommy Mikkelsen" <tm at orstrand.dk> 2/3/2014 4:07 PM >>>

Then you where lucky.....

If moving from an old version PO to a new version PO, will block you
from reverting the move, in case anything goes wrong, and trust
me......There's about a 99% chance of something goes wrong.

And Michael, take a peek here:


>>> On 2/3/2014 at 09:59 PM, in message
<52EFBCFE0200007500042CDF at inet.eastcobbgroup.com>, "James Taylor"
<James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com> wrote:

Wrong about the Resources. First mistake ever...

I just moved 1400 users from 19 NetWare GW8 PO's to 6 SLES11 GW12 PO's
over the holidays using that method.
Nothing exciting.

James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> "Michael Statman" <Mike at EMESConsulting.Net> 2/3/2014 3:26 PM >>>

Thank you James, Todd, Danita.

I missed the pointer about nicknames, will do that.

And good to see that resources are indeed movable, that will save some
work.  And maintaining SIS is good news too.

I initially thought to update the new domain and post office to 2012
before moving the users, but it appeared to be a best-practice to move
users between post offices of the same version (and patch level).
says "Update to the same GroupWise 8 agents for the source and target
POA, source and target domain MTA, and primary domain MTA" --  Not
necessarily so, if the target is newer than the source?


>>> "James Taylor" <James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com> 2/3/2014 2:59 PM
Since you will be moving the users to a new mailbox on  a new domain,
then the FIDs will be preserved.
FIDs will only be changed during a move as a result of a collision
an existing FID on the target mailbox.
Since there will be no users on the new PO until you move them there,
all of the FIDs used by mailboxes on the source PO are available to
moved users.
The doc is correct about user associations being preserved, including
It is also right about the Resource issue. You can't move a resource,
so you will have to recreate any you need.
One other note....there is an option to create GW nicknames as an
option when you move the user. It will allow PAB entries to work prior
to nightly maintenance being run, which will 
update the PAB's. The
Nicknames will be removed after a set period of time (30 days as
default, in think), so you won't have to clean them up.
One thing I've run into since doing a similar move, however, is the
user addresses didn't seem to update for shared address books for the
users who had the PAB's shared with them. May have been just a fluke
this system, but I'd keep an eye on it.
Also, I'd update the new domain to the primary and upgrade it to 2012
before I moved the users.
Depending on when you do this, you may stage it to immediately update
to GW2014. Should be out soon.

James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> "Michael Statman" <Mike at EMESConsulting.Net> 2/3/2014 2:43 PM >>>

I have a customer who's been stuck on GW8/NetWare because of an NLM
gateway  that is still in production.  We want to get moved to
12, but since we still need to use the gateway it precludes a standard
migration.  (There's a replacement in the pipeline, but requires some
hardware changes and telco updates and it's just not happening anytime

The existing system has a primary domain with a single post office, as
well as the fax gateway in this domain, on the NetWare server.  (There
also exists a secondary domain on Linux with GWIA and WebAccess).

What if...  we create a new GW8 domain on Linux and a new post office,
move each mailbox to the new
post office, then promote the new domain
be primary, then upgrade it to GW12?  About 120 users, mailboxes are
'relatively' small due to quotas and auto-archiving.  We know we'd
single instance storage of attachments with thi
s approach.

Documentation claims that "When you move a user’s account from one
GroupWise 6.x or later post office to another, all items are moved
correctly and all associations (proxy rights, shared folder access,
so forth) are resolved so that the move is transparent to the user."
That sounds encouraging.

But it further states:   "A user who owns a resource cannot be moved.
If the user owns a resource, reassign ownership of the resource to
another user who is on the same post office as the resource."  -- so
then presumably resources cannot be moved at all and will need to be
recreated in the new post office ?

What about FIDs and access to existing archives, is that preserved
a mailbox move to another post office?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions...


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