[ngw] Renamed GW folder not visible in GWMobility

Dean Niederkohr dean_niederkohr at owens.edu
Thu Feb 6 14:48:42 UTC 2014

I have a user that renamed a few folder in her GW desktop client.  What I've found is this, the original folder name is still showing on her iPhone, but not the newly renamed folder.  I deleted the GW account on her phone, and then deleted her device  (but not acct) in GWMobility.  I then ran through a normal account setup again on the phone.  Renamed accounts are still not visible on the mobile device (still seeing the old folder names).  I have not come across this issue before.  I've used this process to fix similar issues with users that have moved folders, and it has resolved those problems.  One interesting point is that she also created a brand new folder using the same naming format as the renamed folders, and that 1 folder is visible.  So, the issue surely seems to be with the renaming of the existing folders.  Has anyone else seen this?  I'm running: (Mobility 1.2.4 r 966) - Yes, it's and old version, but I haven't had any other issues till now. 

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