[ngw] GMS 2.0 Attachement size

James Taylor James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
Tue Feb 11 15:51:33 UTC 2014

I usually have to bump it up to 3-4mb.
PDF files seem to be bigger than they ought to be, and a lot of pictures people send  are larger than 1mb.
The fault is with the sender, but if an exec can't open a file, they blame GroupWise.

James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> "Paul Lamontagne" <Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com> 2/11/2014 9:37 AM >>> 
Just an informal survey.
What attachment size do you allow for your GMS 2.0 to send to the devices.?

Paul Lamontagne
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