[ngw] Window 7 Crash/GW8 Date Column Missing Date

Renee Hunter Renee at wfse.org
Thu Feb 13 02:05:10 UTC 2014

Never seen this before.
Yesterday my "new" Windows7 computer crashed.  After it came back up, when I opened GroupWise Client only the time shows under the column - no longer a date - in all folders.  
First I reset the display to defaults, then ran maintenance and had to do a rebuild with standalone GWcheck.  No change.  I uninstalled, ran Cleanit and reinstalled the client, but no change.
I remoted into my old XP machine - same problem, so it has to be my GW account.  Also, can't get to account through webacc.  Says my mailbox is unavailable and to contact the system administrator.  Unfortunately, I am the sysadmin.  :-)) 
Has anyone else had this happen before and have a fix?  I haven't had success searching for a solution.

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