[ngw] Window 7 Crash/GW8 Date Column Missing Date

Renee Hunter Renee at wfse.org
Thu Feb 13 19:23:35 UTC 2014

That was it!  Date/Time, Specific GW  formats, Main Window was set to just time.  So changed the correct format for the fix.  The default has always been the correct setting for date and time so didn't even think to look there even though I'd been logically on that tab a few times.  :-)))
Again, more heads are better than one!

>>> Thomas Bolliger <Thomas.Bolliger at nexpert.ch> 2/13/2014 12:52 AM >>>
Had this, don't remember the Client Patch Level exactly, but the the Time was also not shown and the Date Format was wrong. 
My "solution" was, to go into the Options and just check on the Date Format. Just accept that setting again, and it was fixed. 
Give it a try, you might have the same Issue.

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Try to remove the mailbox eDir association, then re-add it. I've seen that help with that problem.

James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> "Renee Hunter" <Renee at wfse.org> 2/12/2014 9:05 PM >>>
Never seen this before.

Yesterday my "new" Windows7 computer crashed.  After it came back up, when I opened GroupWise Client only the time shows under the column - no longer a date - in all folders.

First I reset the display to defaults, then ran maintenance and had to do a rebuild with standalone GWcheck.  No change.  I uninstalled, ran Cleanit and reinstalled the client, but no change.

I remoted into my old XP machine - same problem, so it has to be my GW account.  Also, can't get to account through webacc.  Says my mailbox is unavailable and to contact the system administrator.  Unfortunately, I am the sysadmin.  :-))

Has anyone else had this happen before and have a fix?  I haven't had success searching for a solution.

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