[ngw] GroupWise User Quota's question

Chad Leeper chad at Capitalcityfruit.com
Thu Feb 13 23:08:19 UTC 2014

We used to not have quotas's but, added them a few years ago.  I have set 1 GB quota's on all mailboxes.  I do get some users complaining from time to time but, it does
force them to not be pack rats.   Teaching users to use the mailbox clean up window and managing sent items was the biggest hurdle for us.
Reason's for quotas are for are:  disaster recovery, overhead on the server, and backup times.  It also costs money i.e. disk space to house and feed all of those funny cat pictures and jokes :)
Also, found we had fewer odd "issues" when we added quotas.
Not sure if the Novell best practice docs have been updated but, as of  GW 2012 Novell considered those with 500GB mailboxes to be "heavy users" so I doubled it.

>>> On 2/13/14 at 2:05 PM, in message <52FCDF2702000013000F4775 at mail.msktd.com>, "Kenneth Etter" <kle at msktd.com> wrote:

We don't have quotas.  Users mailboxes run from 500 MB to 56 GB.  I have about 60 mailboxes on our main POA.  Only 10 of those exceed 20 GB - the average mailbox is 11.5 GB.  We're on NSS.

>>> "Brad Beckenhauer" <bbecken at aafp.org> 2/13/2014 2:47 PM >>>
Upper management has asked why we don't allow 20GB user quota's like Microsoft Hosted solutions.

I can come up with a number of reasons why not.  But I'd like to know from the folks on this list.

What is the biggest user quota you manage?
What partition type (NSS, ext3, X ) is your POA on?
How many people per POA do you recommend?

thanks all.

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