[ngw] Antw: GroupWise User Quota's question

Barth Uwe Uwe.Barth at stadt-chemnitz.de
Fri Feb 14 07:19:21 UTC 2014

4GB quota, NSS, 2 PO with ~1200 Mailboxes in each PO (not many of the users are this so called "heavy users", mostly they are "hamsters" good in hoarding).

To extend this list of Brads questions, what is the biggest PO you have in users & size (recommented vs. possible/usable)?


>>> "Brad Beckenhauer" <bbecken at aafp.org> 13.02.2014 20:47 >>>
Upper management has asked why we don't allow 20GB user quota's like Microsoft Hosted solutions.
I can come up with a number of reasons why not.  But I'd like to know from the folks on this list.
What is the biggest user quota you manage?
What partition type (NSS, ext3, X ) is your POA on?
How many people per POA do you recommend?
thanks all.

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