[ngw] 2014 Licensing Question

Robert MacNutt Robert.MacNutt at nghs.com
Fri Feb 14 18:24:00 UTC 2014

Is there any "official" announcement about this change?

>>> "Paul Lamontagne" <Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com> 2/13/2014 6:42 PM >>>

True..and if you are no longer current on maintenance Messenger can no longer be used. or you must buy maintenance on that product....

Paul Lamontagne
Lamtech Consulting Inc.
paul.lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com

>>> Rand Babcock <randbabcock at gmail.com> 2/13/2014 6:36 PM >>>
Limited and Full both entitle you to Messenger, as well.  Unsure if that
matters or not in your case.  On the off chance it does, be sure to check
that out as well.


On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 1:17 PM, Paul Lamontagne <
Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com> wrote:

> GW2014 is moving form a User based count to a mailbox count(except if
> licensed by nows, which is device based)
> There are 3 distinct licenses Full, inactive and Limited
> To convert from a Full License to an inactive license takes administrative
> action. Limited license is logging in with WebAccess client only
> Every mailbox will require a license.  As long as you are on maintenance
> you will not have any increase in license fees right away. On;y on your
> next maintenance renewal will reflect the new license model.
> That is my understanding of the new model....
> Only way to get an currant count of used mailboxes is to run an audit
> report.  and if you have people who don't log in, make sure you make  them
> inactive or delete them before your next audit....
> Paul
> Paul Lamontagne
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> paul.lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com
> >>> "Brad Beckenhauer" <bbecken at aafp.org> 2/13/2014 2:54 PM >>>
> Management would like to know the licensing impact of installing GroupWise
> 2014.
> It there a utility to scan your system and give you a before and after
> summary of what will count as a licensed object.
> thanks
> Brad
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