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Jason Ross jason at ethisec.com.au
Fri Feb 28 12:01:35 UTC 2014

This is a good option, however if you are primarily a Windows shop you can install xrdp and then RDP to the Linux server provided X windows is installed on the machine.

>>> "Michael Linke" <michael.linke at fh-koeln.de> 27/02/2014 11:37 PM >>>

We install ConsoleOne on the Linux Server and use a remote X Session (eg. XMING) or on MAC XQUARTZ. 


They are identical from the XP workstation to the Win 7 workstation.  File Cache is off and File Commit is.

When we attempt to connect to the domain, we receive a message that states, "Failed trying to open the domain".  I'm able to connect to other domains just fine, just not primary.

We have exposed the domains via a Samba share.

We did use the C1 install from the download site, so we will go back and fix that piece.

>>> On 2/24/2014 at 11:46 AM, "Joe Acquisto-j4" <joea at j4computers.com> wrote:

What are the issues? 

Are the Novell/Netware client settings similar for file access, etc?  How are you accessing the domain?

joe a.

>>> "Jeremy Rogers" <Jeremy.Rogers at baptist-health.org> 02/24/14 12:41 PM >>>
We are in the process of converting our GroupWise administrative computers from XP to Win 7.  We are having an issue attempting to open our primary domain database from the new Win 7 workstation.  However, the XP workstations still work fine.  We are running GroupWise 2012 and Suse Linux servers.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


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