[ngw] OT: ZCm vs WSUS

Joseph Marton jmmarton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 12:16:21 UTC 2014

As Bas pointed out, the comparison would really be ZPM to WSUS however
honestly there's no comparison IMO. :-)

Pro: It's free
Con: It only patches Windows and Office

Pro: It patches around 20 vendors' products (inc. Microsoft), it has patch
policies which offer "set it and forget" patching capability, it can patch
Windows/Mac/Linux, it offers baselining capabilities so that new devices
into the zone receive a minimum set of patches, it's fully integrated into
ZCM meaning it doesn't have to be managed as a completely separate tool,
and lastly it kicks butt.
Con: It's not free.


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> Hi All, Any good docs on this out there?
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