[ngw] GW undeliverable notification format

Georg Fritsch FCP gf at fcp.at
Tue Jul 8 13:38:23 UTC 2014


Maybe this is WAD.

Before you had a gwia handling internal (still inside GroupWise) mail for external recipients.
Now you have another gwia basically relaying mail to external recipients. The incoming mail is already SMTP from the DLP box, which may cause the gwia to generate notifications with less information, because less information is available.

Result: Your new setup causes data loss for some use cases (undeliverable notification) ;-) SCNR


>>> "Jim Gosney" <jgosney at genesco.com> schrieb am 08.07.2014 um 14:56 in Nachricht
<53BBA43C0200000B0000C7ED at GW00.genesco.local>:
> I've got a quick question for everyone.
> On our GW2012sp2 system, we have added a DLP system to filter outgoing mail. 
> In the past, our mail flow went like this:
> Primary Domain --> GWIA --> external recipient
> And if a message was undeliverable, the sender would receive back the 
> typical message stating the problem and who the recipient was -- BOTH USERNAME 
> But since we've added the DLP system into the mix, we had to add a secondary 
> GWIA on the other side (don't ask) so the flow now looks like this:
> Primary Domain --> GWIA --> DLP box --> GWIA (on a secondary domain) -- external 
> recipient
> Now if a message is undeliverable, the sender receives back much less 
> information.  Instead of stating who the message was to, it simply tells the 
> users that the message sent at X time to X domain returned X error.  If the 
> original message was sent to a single user, it is easy to correlate from the 
> sent items which message is the problem (although some people even struggle 
> with that concept) but if the message was sent to multiple people, then the 
> sent item is useless and I have to go digging through the GWIA logs to 
> determine the faulty recipient.
> So question 1:  Why is the second GWIA responding this way?  It's a 
> Groupwise agent so shouldn't it respond like the primary?
> And question 2:  Is there a setting somewhere to change this behavior?  I 
> can't find one but perhaps I'm overlooking it.
> thx
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