[ngw] Groups vs. Distribution lists

Georg Fritsch FCP gf at fcp.at
Tue Jul 8 15:58:21 UTC 2014


Why are Groups not really working and break a perfectly fine GW setup?


* Mutliple inet domains
* A distribution list with an internet address override set to a specific inet domain (incoming exclusively known) and a preferred email id: 'info'
* Result: This distribution has effectively one mail address: info at domain1.com 

* If i add a eDirectory group called 'info' and enable this group for GroupWise, there is NO Internet Addressing tab and this new group takes the address info at domain1.com from the already existing distribution list.
* The new group has automatically all name and internet domains combinations as valid and active mail addresses.
* Normally GW gives an error, saying that an address is already in use, or for the catch all variant takes all domain name combinations which are not already taken.

This does not work with groups. Why? Again, broken by design?

What is the solution to limit a group to specific inet domains for incoming mail only?


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