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Ken Muir kmuir at gwava.com
Tue Jul 22 19:24:52 UTC 2014

I believe our QA team verified this but there is a catch.  All works
fine for any users created pre-GW2014, any users created with GW2014 are
unable to be managed.  I believe this is true even with Danita's tip but
remember, ever since I left being an engineer on ZENworks my managerial
lobotomy often gets the best of me...

>>> Lawrence Kearney <lawrence.kearney at earthlink.net> 7/22/2014 10:35
AM >>>
... now that's a fine suggestion! :-)

-- lawrence

Lawrence Kearney
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>By the way, if you keep a GW 8 or 2012 domain in your system, it can
often be used as a “point of access” for these tools.  Specifically, I
have a customer using eControl who is still working just fine with GW
2014, as we left a GW 8 domain in the system to be the access point for
the AdminAPI.  
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>On Jul 22, 2014, 8:53:48 AM, Ken Muir <kmuir at gwava.com> wrote: GWAVA,
Retain, Redline and Reload all support GroupWise 2014. Novell removed
support for the AdminAPI in GroupWise 2014 which effectively makes all
partners that have written products to this API have to evaluate whether
or not to rewrite their product. That's a very difficult decision that
has been pushed to Novell partners. For us, it impacts Vertigo and
>We are currently discussing with Novell what they can do to better
support their partners and customers impacted by this. Their decision to
not support the AdminAPI is a barrier to upgrade for customers so Novell
has a big interest in resolving it.
>Equally, we are assessing what we can do even if Novell isn't able to
help to get Vertigo and Reveal certified for GroupWise 2014.
>> > > "Alan Bens"  
>7/22/2014 7:45 AM >>> I use Vertigo as well, but we're on 2012. GWAVA
(IMO) has not updated
>their web site with current support that I can find. Under FAQ for
>Vertigo it says you have to have a GW 7 sp3 client installed.
>As Joshua stated they usually monitor ngwlist so maybe someone will
>contact you.
>Al B
>> > > "Daniel Wells" 7/21/2014 2:15 PM >>>  
>We recently upgraded from GroupWise 8 to GroupWise 2014. The
>transition has gone smoothly with one exception. We were using Omni
>Riva to manage password reminders. address books, proxy access and
>signatures and are now wanting to manage a central calendar.
>Unfortunately since GW 2014 has removed itself from eDirectory, and
>has no plans to change their product we are unable to do many of the
>things we did in GroupWise 8.
>My questions are these:
>Is there a way to centrally manage proxy access in GroupWise 2014?
>While the managed signature still works with GroupWise 2014, I would
>rather have a fully functional product (that has a future) that does
>what we need. Is there a way to manage signatures so that all
>signatures look the same? (see the signature below)
>Can we publish central address books to users other than the
>address book?
>How about sending reminders that passwords are about to expire, is
>there a way to do this from GroupWise or eDirectory?
>Is there a way to have a central calendar to hold company information
>about holidays and project deadlines etc?
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