[ngw] unarchiving GroupWise archives problem

Fri Jul 25 10:58:46 UTC 2014

GWAVA Vertigo can report on archive locations.  We are about to start migrating our archives to Retain.  In the process, I am identifying the current locations so I can move them all to network storage and lock down the new location.  This is an intermediary step in our process.

Joshua Pitlick
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Information Technology
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

>>> "Carol Ann Casciato" <carolann at itcinc.com> 7/25/2014 6:39 AM >>>
GroupWise archiving strikes again - and it's GroupWise 8 on NetWare.

A client has 500 users who have archives in multiple locations, but they think that most are on a server share. A former administrator thought this was a good idea. Now they're installing a Barracuda archive appliance and want to unarchive all the user archives. They don't want to visit 500 users and make them unarchive their mail. They also know that their users will simply ignore any requests for them to manually unarchive their mail.

There's another small problem. Since the archive location wasn't locked down, they now don't even know where all the archives are or whether users have multiple archives. They decided they would only worry about the last archive - but they'll have to inspect the workstations and network directories for some people.

Does anyone have a suggestion for dealing with this problem - other than visiting 500 people?

Thanks for any help.

Carol Ann

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