[ngw] Upgrade 2014 - AD

Doug Ratz dratz at Lakeheadschools.ca
Thu Jul 31 17:06:11 UTC 2014

I see in the Verbose POA log the following:
12:48:15 0894 Initializing LDAP session with at port 389 (dratz)
12:48:15 0894 LDAP Error: 49  (dratz)
12:48:15 0894 LDAP Error: Invalid credentials  (dratz)
12:48:15 0894 Error: Invalid password [D019] User:dratz  (dratz)
So it doesn't like my credentials for some reason. I have carefully typed my password so I'm certain I'm entering it right.

Douglas Ratz
Lakehead Public Schools
(807) 625-5161

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