[ngw] OT: The Attachmate Group Audit

Elbert LaGrew Elbert.LaGrew at katun.com
Mon Nov 24 13:30:50 UTC 2014

Hi Alan,
Yes...just this year.  You will find a thread on this in the archive if you search for it...it was in the last 2 or 3 months.
I ran the software on all my SLES/OES2 VMs as well as our VSphere server...it's kind of crazy...we were very unhappy as well.  On top of it all, they had be send a PDF of a declaration I had to make saying that SLES was not running anywhere else in our ORG.  Can you say INSULTING?  My boss is now advocating dropping ALL of our SLES/OES2, GroupWise and ZCM servers and moving to O365...this would be horrible...and yet NO APOLOGY from Attachmate over any of this...I think they've push a little too far this time....an apology would go a LONG WAY to healing this rift...I am not holding my breath though. <sigh> They've kicked us before when they were just Novell...I don't think they've changed much and certainly not for the BETTER.

>>> On 11/24/2014 at 7:12 AM, in message <5472E870020000AB00033407 at charlieb.queencitymetro.com>, "Alan Bens" <ABENS at go-metro.com> wrote:

Well I read the post from earlier in the year about The Attachmate
Group/Novell audit.  I've never had a problem doing their audits until
now.  After sending them all of the information I could, they came back
and ask me to connect their software to my ZENWorks.  Well it's on SuSe
Linux and their software looks for it in Windows.  I don't use SAMBA so
it doesn't connect.  They also sent software to run on all my SLES
servers and all of my VM machines.  Their reason was to collect data. 
Has anyone else been ask to run this?  If you did what affects did it
have?  Our servers are production.  Do you get to see the data it's
collecting before it's sent?

I'm put back by this as well as our director.   I'd hate to have to
drop all of our Novell and GWAVA products over an audit.   I've been
audited by Novell 2 - 3 times in the last 5 years and never had these
issues.   Has anyone else?

Al B.

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