[ngw] Auditing Proxy Rights

Ryan Sinnwell Ryan.Sinnwell at weitz.com
Fri Aug 7 21:45:14 UTC 2015

We use php Tools for GroupWise for things like this.  It's not the easiest setup in the world, but once you have it going, it works wonders.  Too bad it was abandoned a few years back, I would love to see someone pick it back up even if just to work out the few quirks we see from time to time.


Ryan Sinnwell // Infrastructure Manager

>>> "Nathan Hensal" <Nathan.Hensal at highland.edu> 8/3/2015 11:16 AM >>>

I was curious if anyone knew of a solution or a method for obtaining a full audit report of proxy rights on a given post office in a GroupWise 2012 environment.  

We would like to produce a report to see if any users have accidentally given too many rights to their entire mailbox without realizing they have done so.

I'd be open to any ideas or solutions anyone has used -



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