[ngw] Auto Archiving

Joe Acquisto-j4 joea at j4computers.com
Tue Aug 11 09:55:33 UTC 2015

With earlier versions at least, it appears that "auto archive" runs only when
the desktop client is started.   I do not think it runs at "maintenance" times
or "cleanup" times.

If you have archive set to a network drive with "quota" this will also affect
archiving when it runs out of space.

While archive settings may be locked at PO or Domain level, but a user
is not working, perhaps a database rebuild is in order, at some level?  Maybe
some did not get the memo?

I guess the "use but not send" matter has to do with how to "enforce" size
limits without completely hobbling the user.

joe a.

>>> On 8/11/2015 at 4:13 AM, "Thys de Beer" <thys at nwpg.gov.za> wrote:
> Morning All,
> GW2012 SP4 (although this has been coming from way way back...).. 16k users 
> 9 PO's
> What could the reasons be why clients will no adhere to the cleanup settings 
> to auto archive lets say 30 days? .. we have mailboxes growing  (limit is 
> 750mb) to 10gb for instance (ok yes if they do not login (not active) i 
> understand).. but we have other users growing to 100% 120-200%, which still 
> login (because if we lock the accounts we hear about very quickly...)..... 
> now these totals i get from ConsoleOne, how correct they are, is yet another 
> story! are these totals reliable? i mean why would anybody "use" email and 
> not be able to send email is beyond me.. but this seems to be my users way of 
> using email... well at least a lot of them anyway...
> So checking the client settings in C1, when i set at DO/PO level it filters 
> through fine... or well that is what C1 says .. BUT auto archiving is simply 
> not happening on a lot of users? ... others seems fine?..
> any ideas please?
> Kind Regards,
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