[ngw] user with spaces in name

Jeffrey D. Sessler jeff at scrippscollege.edu
Wed Aug 12 23:55:33 UTC 2015

Back in the day, GroupWise would automatically substitute an “_” underscore for any first/last with spaces in it e.g. First of “John Do” with last name of “Re Me” - GroupWise would then accept John_Do_Re_Me@ and John_Do.RE_Me@ assuming you have first.last@ enabled. The first_last@ is something the GWIA has always accepted even though it’s not an option in C1/Admin.

I’m assuming it still does the same.


On 8/12/15, 2:24 PM, "ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of Joe Brugaletta" <ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> wrote:

>Email Address according to GWAC = J Do Re Me at domain.com 
>for John Do Re Me
>some domains are failing, obviously.. I know when you used to edit a user in C1, it would pop up asking if you wanted to override the email address with JDOREME at domain.com ..
>whats the proper way to handle spaces in last names with gw 2014?
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