[ngw] Drag and drop email to new email creates link instead of adding the email

Jay Parker jparker at gw.novell.com
Wed Feb 4 00:44:13 UTC 2015

It may be that the user is experiencing bug 889010 / 898170

It manifests when dragging and dropping to the message body instead of the attachment area.  The fix is available as a GW 2014 FTF builds 117687 and newer.  Note that it won't be in the 2014 SP1 HP1 release which only contains security fixes beyond 14.0.1.

Here are the bug details:

Summary: Dragging a mail from a mailbox into another mail attaches GWI / EML file instead of regular mail. / adding messages via drag and drop leads to problems when the message is dropped outside of the Add Attachment area


Notice that if the existing message is dropped onto the small grey Add Attachment area, it is added and it is readable by the recipient. However if the existing message is dropped onto the message body area, it is added as a .GWI file and it cannot be opened by the recipient. The POA will log a D124 error and the recipient will see an ItemOpen token failed error.

>>> "Ken Etter" <kle at msktd.com> 2/3/2015 7:39 AM >>>
GroupWise 2014.  User composes new email and then drags an existing email into the new email as an attachment.  When anyone receives the email, the attachment cannot be opened because it is a GWI file.  So far only happening to this one user so I assume he has an odd setting on his account.  Any ideas what could cause this?


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