[ngw] OT: Filr 1.2 Technical Preview

Joseph Marton jmmarton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 15:41:53 UTC 2015

Sorry for the off-topic post... just thought this may be of interest to
some folks in here.

Our upcoming Filr 1.2 release will deliver great new features and
enhancements, including:

   - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Integration (document libraries as Filr Net
   - Integration with KeyShield SSO for Single Sign-on to Web access
   - Support for Multiple Administrators (LDAP and local users)
   - Ability to Deter Brute-Force Attacks with CAPTCHA
   - Ability to Require Complex Passwords for Local and External Users
   - Enhanced Audit Log Management and Activity Reports
   - Simplified Conflict Resolution for the Desktop Client

... and more!

The Filr 1.2 beta has recently started and we are now ready to launch the
Technical Preview to allow broader access. If you are interested in
participating, please follow this link
<https://vibe.novell.com/vibe/filr_1.2_technical_preview_sign-up> (
https://vibe.novell.com/vibe/filr_1.2_technical_preview_sign-up) and
complete the form.


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