[ngw] GWIA Restart Daily

Elbert LaGrew Elbert.LaGrew at katun.com
Wed Feb 11 14:43:48 UTC 2015

Hey GW Listers!
I have an issue I am trying to understand,  Running GW2012.2 backend.  SLES10 sp4/ OES2/sp3 Patched up to date.
We have our main internal GWIA and MTA on one box.  
We have identified a condition on our GWIA. The GWIA shuts down and restarts daily at 12 midnight and again at 10:30 AM CST. When the daemon re-starts it delivers email as it is supposed to do.  The process of restarting takes about 2 to 4 minutes, so a minute before the shut-down and 1 to 3 minutes after the shutdown email is not being processed...
I am trying to understand WHY it is doing this and HOW to stop it.  I have checked crontabs and log files and I cannot identify anything that we are doing that might be causing this.  This is consistent and persistent.  Everyday like clockwork.
It would not have been an issue, but we have some boxes sending directly to the GWIA since this GWIA is on the INSIDE of our network, I have it set up for relaying to handle MFP scanners and some other boxes that generate reports and email them automatically...some were failing to connect to the GWIA and when we checked, we found that the GWIA was shut down and restarted every 12 midnight and at 10:30 AM every day...
Can anyone give me any understanding on this behavior, or point me in the right direction of how to find out what is causing this?  I hope to get a little more control of this process and either stop it, or re-schedule it more off-time.
Thanks in advance!

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