[ngw] Renaming a user doesn't rename the GroupWise object

David Krotil David.Krotil at krotilovi.cz
Mon Feb 16 16:40:00 UTC 2015

thats normal, if you want rename GroupWise user, find him in GroupWise View, right click and rename.


>>> "Bas Penris" <b.penris at ettyhillesumlyceum.nl> 16.2.2015 13:16 >>>
Hi All,

If I use C1 or iManager to rename a user, the GW-object keeps the old name. I'm not sure if I want this yet. I can't remember running into this in the past.
I've done a top down rebuild not too long ago.

Is this expected behavior or is there something wrong?

Btw, if I rename a user in the GW-view it only renames the GW-account.



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