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But how is that going to deliver to o365 *with the same original domain* ?

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Could be done by putting something like Postfix as the receiver for all mail, then doing an LDAP lookup of the recipient mail address in GroupWise.  If the address exists, then deliver to GW. If the lookup generates an error then deliver to O365.

But now you're looking at maintaining three separate mail routing systems (although only two mail repositories).

And then there's the migration of the messages and calendar items from GW to O365 for the test users.  And back again, if the test results come back negative.


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Good day Listers,
My manager wants to make a test O365/GroupWise hybrid system.
Currently we our main domain's email  is katun.com
We have many sub-domains, like argentina.katun.com, germany.katun.com, etc.  However, everyone is valid with katun.com as their email address in GroupWise.
What he wants to do is set up a test with O365 and put regular users into that environment, but he doesn't want to have to change the email address at all...he wants it to remain Fname.Lname at katun.com.
Is that even possible?  I would have thought the test users would have had to have a new domain for an address, like Fname.Lname at someotherdomain.com
Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?  Hints?
Thanks in advance!
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