[ngw] O365/GroupWise hybrid

Elbert LaGrew Elbert.LaGrew at katun.com
Tue Feb 24 20:52:07 UTC 2015

Thank you Ken...I will talk to my manager about  this possibility...


>>> "Ken Muir" <kmuir at gwava.com> 02/24/15 2:30 PM >>>
A very important consideration when building up hybrid solutions such as being described is to ensure that you have a common data store for the email messages.  We have hundreds of customers that experiment or transition to other email platforms by simply doing the following:

1-  Archive all your GroupWise messages into GWAVA's Retain
2-  Provision the users into Gmail or Office365 and likewise have those emails archived into Retain with our library of collectors.
3-  If they decide to move those users back to GroupWise or add more Office365 users they always have access to their old data without having the pain of migrating data.  
4-  One customer has in influx of 30-40 seasonal workers during tax season.  The give them Office365 accounts, hook Retain to those accounts, then when those users leave after tax season the Office365 account is closed but the company still has all messages in their Retain archive for eDiscovery purposes.

This is a must in hybrid solutions that scale up/down to ensure data is preserved without the burden of "migration".  Contact me off list if you have questions.


>>> "Elbert LaGrew" <Elbert.LaGrew at katun.com> 2/23/2015 9:24 AM >>>
Good day Listers,

My manager wants to make a test O365/GroupWise hybrid system.

Currently we our main domain's email  is katun.com

We have many sub-domains, like argentina.katun.com, germany.katun.com, etc.  However, everyone is valid with katun.com as their email address in GroupWise.

What he wants to do is set up a test with O365 and put regular users into that environment, but he doesn't want to have to change the email address at all...he wants it to remain Fname.Lname at katun.com.

Is that even possible?  I would have thought the test users would have had to have a new domain for an address, like Fname.Lname at someotherdomain.com

Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?  Hints?

Thanks in advance!


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