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Andre Tissot Andre.Tissot at idsa.ch
Mon Jun 8 13:10:35 UTC 2015

Hi Kim,

We have exactly the same problem with our GW14 WebAccess : did you get a solution ?

Another strange thing with the Search in GW14 WebAccess, is with the "Advanced Search" button in the Menu : if you don't select a folder (or multiple folders), your search will also run forever and find nothing : could this be related ?

Is there a way to pre-select a default search folder ?

Any advice more than welcome.

Best regards,

André Tissot 

Network Engineer CNE-CLE-MCSA

+41 (0)79 625 8018
andre.tissot at idsa.ch


>>> "Kim Geiger" <kim at wkar.org> 4/14/15 19:32 >>>

If I try to do a text search in GW14 web client, it spins for a long time and then says, "your request could not be processed due to a connection failure with the server."  Then I cannot clear the search or do anything else but close out and log back in.

I'm not sure what's going on with this, but it is paining me.

Kim Geiger
WKAR Radio & Television, WKAR.org
East Lansing, Michigan 

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