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Andre Tissot Andre.Tissot at idsa.ch
Tue Jun 9 16:59:13 UTC 2015

Hi Mathias,

Thank you for the info : I'm getting the same error as you were saying
: SOAP Error: Searching over the entire mailbox requires a filter.
[EA18] in the POA log.

There are basically 2 situations (after you've entered a word in the
top-right-hand corner search tool) : 

  - if you're lucky, after a long waiting time (in which you can't do
anything else) you get a list of messages, coming from all over the
mailbox. I have a printscreen, but too big to attach here.
  - if not, it keeps waiting and displays a blank screen...

The problem is : this Search tool should only search in the current
folder (and show the results quickly).
If you want to search the whole mailbox, then you use the "Advanced
Search" tool from the Menu : I don't believe 2 different icons do
exactly the same task !

I will give this info back to the NTS Engineer with the SR and will let
you know.

Regards from Geneva,


>>> "Mathias Faust" <Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch> 6/9/15 17:24 >>>
Hello André,

check the POA log when you do a search (Verbose logging). I saw errors
like "SOAP Error: Searching over the entire mailbox requires a filter.
[EA18]" when there are too many items in the mailbox and/or found by
search. Never had the time to follow up.

regards from Basel

>>> "Andre Tissot" <Andre.Tissot at idsa.ch> 08.06.2015 15:56 >>>
Thanks, I will open SR.
>>> "David Krotil" <David.Krotil at krotilovi.cz> 6/8/15 15:53 >>>
I have, because of fixes for another problems, way newer version as
you. If you can wait, then SP2 will be very soon, if not open SR and
for newest build. 

Just for start. Without seeing logs and etc., I can only suggest
like that.

>>> "Andre Tissot" <Andre.Tissot at idsa.ch> 8.6.2015 15:38 >>>
Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.

We have the following version : 

Numéro de version : 117118
Version du programme : 14.0.1 12/8/2014 
I think Sp1 Hp1 was only a security fix, with no program fix.

The index health is good, as : 

- from the Windows Client, the searches are working like always
- from the WebAccess, if we use the Advanced Search Tool, AND SPECIFY
a folder/multiple folders, then we have a quick answer.

>>> "David Krotil" <David.Krotil at krotilovi.cz> 6/8/15 15:25 >>>
have 1000+ users on WebAcces server and never got this message. 

Do you have at least SP1 HP1 installed ?

Check index health on your POA, try full rebuild. 

>>> "Andre Tissot" <Andre.Tissot at idsa.ch> 8.6.2015 15:10 >>>

Hi Kim,

We have exactly the same problem with our GW14 WebAccess : did you get
a solution ?

Another strange thing with the Search in GW14 WebAccess, is with the
"Advanced Search" button in the Menu : if you don't select a folder
multiple folders), your search will also run forever and find nothing
could this be related ?

Is there a way to pre-select a default search folder ?

Any advice more than welcome.

Best regards,

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