[ngw] challenging outgoing email address request

Bill Neumann Bill.Neumann at willmarfab.com
Mon Jun 15 13:04:28 UTC 2015

How about a proxy access to the sb account?
>>> "Carol Ann Casciato" <carolann at itcinc.com> 6/15/2015 6:59 AM >>>
The client is a school with the usual challenging school board requests. This time they want community members to be able to send email to the school board using a public email address like sb at school.org. Every school board member will also have individual email addresses - board1 at school.org, board2, etc.

The sb email account will have a rule that forwards all incoming email to all the board member individual accounts - they're supposed to take care of who answers what. The admin said this sorting/deciding-who-answers would be their responsibility and the board members agreed, obviously not understanding that this will involve a lot of coordination between the board members.

While they want the email to come into their individual email accounts, they do NOT want to reply using their individual account IDs. They want all outgoing email to be from sb at school.org. GWIA won't let multiple people use the same preferred outgoing internet address (my first attempt, knowing it wouldn't work but having to prove it to the admin).

They also, of course, don't want their individual email addresses to show up in the address book. I can solve this by putting them into the post office that resides in the domain with the GWIA (it's a left-over with libraries in it that no one knew anyone was using - except for the 15,000 file in the doc directories, including lots with current dates) and having them set to domain visibility. All other users are in post offices in a separate domain. There's always my hesitation to make email accounts invisible and then have the GWIA refuse to see them/deliver mail to them.

I've considered configuring a postfix server with the postfix server sitting between the GWIA and the outgoing Barracuda spam appliance. The postfix server will check all outgoing mail and change the header info for the individual board member accounts to the public account. Will I really have to deal with postfix configuration files (not something I'm looking forward to)? This also puts another step in outgoing mail processing - yet another place to look when users complain that their mail doesn't go out.

Can anyone think of a way to have native GroupWise do this? 

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to do this. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

Carol Ann

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