[ngw] Antw: Appointment not showing up in calendar

Jay Parker jparker at gw.novell.com
Tue Jun 16 14:40:04 UTC 2015

We had a previous report users having difficulty finding appointments after creating them in a multi-user aggregate calendar that is not included in the main calendar view, so we changed the placement of the appointment in the latest 14.0.x builds.  The new behavior is that when creating an appointment by right-clicking on an aggregate (called a multi-view calendar below), we create the appointment in the main calendar instead of creating it in the aggregate calendar.  We think this will make it less likely for users to 'lose' their appointments in sub-calendars that are not configured to display in the main calendar.  The behavior change may annoy users that want the appointment in the aggregate as they will now have to move the appointment to the aggregate after creation.  The change is available in GW 2014 FTF builds revision 120143 and newer.

I'm interested in feedback, both good and bad, on the change.

>>> "Ken Etter" <kle at msktd.com> 6/16/2015 6:26 AM >>>
Thanks Mathias!  That got me pointed in the right direction.  The user was in the multi-view calendar when he created the appointment.  Below that there were three calendars, his and two others.  Found the appointment in his calendar there and dragged it to the main calendar and everything shows up correctly now.

>>> "Mathias Faust" <Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch> 6/16/2015 8:16 AM >>>
Hi Ken,

in 99% of these requests the user was in a subcalendar (e.g. Calendar that holds the proxy calendars) and there he will find the appointment.
Simplest way to find it in my opinion:
- deselect/untick any proxy calenders
- change view settings to "all messages"
- repeat for all subcalendars

kind regards

>>> "Ken Etter" <kle at msktd.com> 15.06.2015 23:24 >>>
GroupWise 2014.  User created a recurring appointment and sent it to a few people.  It does not appear on his own calendar (we checked from both the windows client and webaccess client), but it did sync with his iOS devices.  Looking at the Sent Item for the appointment, everything looks correct.  It should be on his calendar.  No filters in place.  It does show up on other GroupWise user's calendars.  I did a quick structure and content check, but that did not fix it.  I've not seen this before, any suggestions?


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