[ngw] More iPhone/GMS troubles

Joe Brugaletta JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com
Tue Jun 16 16:38:56 UTC 2015

Our senior partners have been complaining about trouble accessing emails/attachemts on their iphones (6), I can confirm that the same email works fine on my Droid Turbo

An example, is they'll receive an email from the outside world containing an attachment (7Kb pdf file).. (mime.822 file also). They'll click the attachment and it'll just spin on "Downloading".. eventually timing out. If you go back into the email, you'll see the attachments listed as no longer "downloading" but when you open them.. it simply shows a screen that says the filename, plus:
"Portable Document Format PDF"

The actual PDF never shows up... again, works fine on my droid. My supervisor confirmed the same bad behavior on his iPhone (5s). We're running gms 2.1.0 build 230, but its been an issue for some time before that.

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