[ngw] Groupwise 2012: Cleanup > Auto-Delete after X days

Thieu Hon TRAN k-ngwlist at thtran.de
Thu Jun 25 09:54:46 UTC 2015


we're running Groupwise 12 SP2 (rpm -qa says: 
I've configured an entire Groupwise-domain with Client-options > Cleanup 
| Mail and Phone > "Auto-delete after: 1098 days" and locked this 
setting down for the domain.
One week later, I ran GWCHECK to get statistics about mails older than 
1098 days and found a lot of mails.
Then I ran a manual GWCHECK to delete mails older than 1098 days, which 
worked. So the retention settings of our mail-archive-system (client 
options > Retention > [x] Enable Message Retention Service) are not the 
reason why the automatic cleanup doesn't work.

How is this supposed to work, anyway? Does the groupwise server cleanup 
mails older than the "auto-delete"-period every night?
And what could be the reason this is not working?


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