[ngw] Export of distribution list memberships by user ?

Joe Acquisto-j4 joea at j4computers.com
Fri Jun 26 23:04:13 UTC 2015

Are you looking for ways to query GW/eDir for this, or a way to format info you already have?

In the nix world ldapsearch for the former awk (maybe perl?) for the latter.

apache directory studio might also prove useful.  It's very handy in any case.

joe a.

>>> On 6/25/2015 at 7:55 PM, Ian Blackwood <ian.blackwood at golding.com.au> wrote:
> Need to do a report as per subject in GroupWise 8. Ideally into CSV or 
> similar.
> As CSV is not naturally multi-value friendly, either a multiple lines per 
> user with one DL per line, or one line with the DLs concatenated in one field 
> with a different delimiter (e.g. pipe).
> Anyone got any ideas on how to accomplish this ?
> Cheers

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