[ngw] some i-Devices not autosearching system address book

Jim Gosney jgosney at genesco.com
Wed Nov 4 16:29:40 UTC 2015

Hey gang, 

Helpdesk came to me with an interesting on this morning.  If I create a new message on my iphone, I can type in part of a Groupwise user's name and it will automatically search the system address book to find matches.  If I go into contacts and go to Groups and go down to Groupwise Global Address List, I can click on that and also search the system address book. 

I've got a handful of users (on multiple mobility servers with different iphone models) that are reporting that these features are no longer working for them. 

I can't find anywhere in mobility or the phone where this feature is turned on or off. 

Any ideas? 

We're on GW2012sp3 and mobility 2.1.0 

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